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How to make the perfect hire? Part-1

Hiring a wrong person for the job is a mistake. A really big, and expensive mistake.

One of the best ways to avoid such pricey mistakes is by getting help in the hiring process, that too from your own team!

Traditionally, HR and direct managers handle the needs assessment, designation, job description, sourcing, interviewing and the like. But progressive companies like Microsoft and Google have shown how important collaboration is to success, especially, when it comes to critical business processes like hiring.

However, if a hiring process is siloed and restrictive, there are chances of missing out on vital information that will help you hire more accurately, and land the right candidates who perform well, fit and thrive long-term in an organization.
Here are a couple of reasons one should bring employees and a variety of managers into the circle when hiring:

Hidden Needs:

Employees working in similar roles and managers who supervise them have firsthand experience of what it really takes to “make it” in the job. Before charging ahead with a job requisition, consult with the particular department to determine:

  • Gaps between the requisition and actual need: Asking them for help in reviewing the proposed job posting will help you take informed decisions, whether the described position truly matches the work that needs to be done.
  • Soft Skills: Getting the teams’ inputs on the intangibles needed for a new recruit to really mesh with the existing team.
  • Red flags to avoid. Employees and managers may be able to provide you with valuable insight about why a former employee failed in the role assigned to him – so as to create a better match this time.
  • Targeted interview questions. As mentioned earlier, the team would know how to “make it” in the job, using their inputs, one could create specific questions that break through a candidate’s interview facade and reveal whether or not they have the necessary skills, experience and personality to succeed in the role.

It’s great for morale.

Involving everyone in the hiring process makes them feel like they are a valued part of the organization. When you ask for their inputs in making decisions, you show them that their opinions matter.

Furthermore, employees who have a hand in hiring are usually more invested once the hire is made. Having contributed to the process, they will have a sense of belonging for the result and will work hard to help the new employee succeed.

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