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Employee Diaries – Ritu Thakur

Ritu Thakur, Vice President – Client Relationships at Indotronix starts the interview with her trademark confident, energetic and smiling ‘hello’. One can instantly sense the strength of her personality in her well-modulated voice. She is a splendid example of how Indotronix nurtures leadership in women.  She started her career at Indotronix over 10 years back and her perseverance and outstanding performance has enabled her to rise through the ranks to become one of the most well-respected professionals at Indotronix and in the industry. Excerpts from the social media team’s interview with Ritu:

Your journey with Indotronix…

I started working for Indotronix in an administrative role. In the very first year, the then COO saw my potential in Sales and brought me aboard the Business Development team. In that role, he noticed my flair for good client relationships and suggested that I should try my hand at Account Management. The account I was given to manage had immense potential but we had not done too well on that program thus far. I took it up as a challenge and turned the account around, increasing our billing 5-fold in the very first year. That started my professional journey in Account Management or as I prefer to call it – Client Relationship Management.

Your biggest “challenge” in this field and how did you overcome it?

When the financial crisis boomeranged, the staffing market became very tight. We had to operate within the constraints of challenging rates and limited talent pool. However,  we rose to the occasion – I brainstormed with my team and senior management. As a result, we made a suggestion to the client that we could consider “remote” working option for those positions that could be managed as such. The client, although skeptical were willing to give it a try since they had faith in Indotronix based on past performance. The idea was a huge success and till date, I count it amongst our biggest wins.

How has Indotronix been a platform for you?

My academic background is in Marketing and my professional career began in the Hospitality industry. I learnt the importance of customer service there and realized that I had an aptitude for dealing effectively with clients. Although Staffing was new to me, the need for outstanding customer service is the same. Beyond that, my stint at Indotronix has taught me effective vendor management, dealing with on-shore & off-shore teams, working with clients and consultants to achieve their objectives etc. – all this has been a great learning experience for me and Indotronix has given me that platform.

“All our clients who have worked with Ritu candidly admit they enjoy working with Indotronix because of Ritu.” – Anu

What made you stay with Indotronix for 11+ years?

From the day I walked in, I never felt that I was doing a job. The work culture is nurturing and conducive to creative expression. The senior management gives us the flexibility to handle our accounts the way we deem most effective but we also have their support whenever we need it. In my mind, that is what differentiates Indotronix from our competitors.

“Ritu made the Indotronix name synonymous with excellence in ‘IT infrastructure services’,.” – Anu

Changes you have observed in the staffing industry?

The landscape has completely changed since I joined. Over the years, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) have become omnipresent. Gone are the days when we could deal directly with hiring managers. Today we have to work via MSPs at most client sites and understand the needs of the ultimate stakeholder through a layer. However, we understand that MSPs are here to stay and I work with them like I would with any client.

Would you like to bring about any change to Indotronix’ existing system?

In the staffing industry, every day is a new day! If we want to stay ahead of the game, we have to keep improvising our internal processes. As a delivery manager, it is my job to understand the dynamic nature of client requirement and continuously make changes to my back-end team, myself and senior management. Change is an integral part of this industry and within Indotronix.

How many candidates do you think you have placed till date?

It is hard to give you a number off-hand but I measure my success by the fact that a majority of our consultants are happy with their experience at Indotronix. Many of them are now permanent employees in senior positions at Fortune 500 corporations. We always keep the consultant’s professional aspirations in sight and work with them accordingly. Recently, I received a very sweet letter from a consultant thanking us for giving him the right career advice. He was initially keen on a full-time position. However, I felt that a contract position with the option to convert to a full-time position which we suggested to him would help him achieve his long-term career goals. Usually, I give the pros and cons and let the candidate decide because I don’t want to influence their decision, but with this particular candidate, I sincerely felt that it would be in his best interest to take up the contract position. He eventually took up the position and was so happy with the project and wrote a thank you letter to us. Today, the client is converting him to a full-time employee so by working alongside the consultant we were able to achieve his career goals.

My mantra for success has always been ‘be truthful’ and ‘listen’ to both the client and the consultant and deliver ‘Exceptional Customer Service’ every single day. – Ritu

The one thing that you can attribute your success to?

To do my job well I the one thing I need is my team to cooperate. My success is a direct result of my team understanding my requirements and delivering on it.

Your personal goal for 2018?

I would like to increase the Indotronix market share at all my clients. With that objective in mind, I focus on building long-term relationships with clients and all our candidates because a satisfied customer is the best torchbearer a company could have.

What future do you see for Indotronix?

In the past year, our leadership has changed and we have a very young and dynamic CEO, Sameer. All of us are excited. I think he is someone who wants to expand and not just expand on one side but on all technological fronts. I know that the landscape will change, but I cannot predict. All of us are looking forward to Mission 2020 – revenue of $100 Million.

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