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Srinivas Rajana
Employee Corner

Employee Diaries – Srinivasa Rao Rajana

To have survived the frenetic shifts in the technology industry for more than 3 decades, as Indotronix has, a company periodically has to make high-risk bets on the new and emerging. You back the right horses, and you win big; make the wrong bets and you bite the dust.

On a large screen, the real-time transactions in the company light up in red, next to a list of recruiters highlighting the talent demand from various companies.

It’s like Indotronix  has tapped into a deep well of insatiable demand, and is furiously pumping up candidates.

Three confirmed placements in a day – a record at Indotronix; Srinivasa Rajana’s name resounded through the floor. People knew his name that day. He was not a Junior Recruiter anymore. ,He was the recruiter who broke the record; only to break another record of making 7 confirmed placements in a month. That was almost 4 years ago, in October 2012.

I now get down to asking him questions, My first question, “Tell me about the company”. “I chose Indotronix out of 7 job offers”, he reminisces. We are meeting in a conference room at our office. We have both been served coffee by Krishna. Indotronix is a leading thoroughbred in a staggeringly high-stakes race. The US staffing industry is pegged to become a $146.6 billion sector this year. “I joined here with an year’s experience.” “Why?” I ask, . “IIC is an open platform. You can choose everything from domain to your clients.” “There is a lot of flexibility,” he adds.

Me: “What about your records?”
Rajana :” People who want to sustain in this industry should work hard. I have been handling a Fortune 100 company’s account since I joined here, in 2011.  I believe that recruitment is divided into two formats; Table format – people look at the length of the resume and, numbers. The other is Reading format – this is gauging the knowledge and talent of the applicant. I have made my team in the same format(reading format).”

Srinivas Rajana
“Describe your growth here.”
Rajana: “I joined as a Junior Recruiter in June 2011. I became a lead in 4 short years and now I am a Delivery Manager. When I came here as a fresher, I used to compete with people who had 7 years of experience and prove my mettle. I believe that people who work hard are always more productive.”

Me: “How is the company culture?”
Rajana: “ We designed our culture. It has been made by us!” he announces proudly. “If you don’t give freedom, recruiters won’t be able to function properly in this industry. Delivering on-time will not always yield the best results. There is more to working here.” “Hierarchy?”, I interrupt. “There is no hierarchy”, he says. “I have a senior under my purview, and he is my senior.”

Me: “What do you have to say about the Industry?”
Rajana:“Recruitment is a fast-paced industry,A delay anywhere in the chain will be carried along; be it vendor or client.” “We encourage mistakes here. Even a hundred mistakes are welcome, but not one that is repeated.” “We have had this since our inception.’, he adds.

Me: “If you had the chance, would you re-apply here again?” He looks at me, puzzled at my sanity.
Me: As someone in your designation, what do you see in the industry? For the company and by the company.
Rajana: “The company always recognizes talent. I am an example.” I ponder if he has understood my question, and before I try explaining myself, he says, “We are delivering to the market whatever we are getting from the market – in the specified turn-around time. Very few companies do it as well as  we do. We process W2 applicants – I think that is the reason we have our exceptional client list.”

Me: Do you think our company is successful?
Rajana: “Of course! We are successful. We are productive.” I ask him how he defined success.. He says, “ It is very simple. People have been working here for over two decades. People who have left IIC have gone on to the top of their careers.” We want to break records. We have, we will continue doing so,” he adds.

Me: “What has surprised you most about working here?”
Rajana: “Every day is a new day. It is not a project. It is not a restricted process. “Coming in to work everyday is exciting.” He says. “Not just here, But the industry is as such. We will be facing different people for different jobs everyday. Here, It is just better(I think).”

I ask him If he had the power to change things around, what would he do? He was lost in thought. I was finally able to give this man one tough question (or so I thought), and before I could get myself together, He started, “Process-wise, I would like to conduct sessions throughout the organization. Surveys, feedback’s, opinions etc. from everyone, and I want to design a new process, the most productive one.”  I could not help but ask, “Do you think that is not the case now?”, “Somewhat” he quips. “We should take suggestions from everyone. I would not want to change anything because we have designed everything around here.” “But isn’t that contradicting your earlier statement?”, I press. He says, “It was there before. It has slowed down now. Though I hope that with the new acquisition things will pick pace.”

Me: “When I say IIC, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?”
Rajana: “Indotronix is the best platform for anyone in this industry. You work hard and live your dream.”  I think of something and before I ask him, “ This is not a job for me, this is much more than that. I can spend hours and hours working here. The process is imbibed in me, a part of me.”

Me: “What is on your wishlist for the next ten years in the company?”
Rajana: He has run out of time and has to attend a call with a client. He bullet-points, “Remote option, Time restrictions should not be there. No logistics issues.”

Srinivas Rajana
I sense the urgency and his need to step out of this interview. I am pretty sure he was thinking of exit strategies (Make the fire alarms go, maybe? – I will never know.)

I ask him about his plans for the future. Without a second’s thought, he answers, “I want to build something like IIC.” I ask him when he plans to do it. I sense his urgency to attend a call and conclude with one last question, If you had to rename IIC, what would it be? He was puzzled. I elaborated, “IIC stands for Indotronix International Corporation. If you could rename it with IIC being intact, what would your answer be?” He said, “Incredible Innovation Corporation or Integrated Innovative Co-ordination.” and rushed out of the room to see what was happening on the floor. I stood there and looked at him through the glass walls of the conference room, I could see the determination and his penchant to get things done faster than the already light-speed industry.


  1. Very nice Srinivasa Rao Rajana. Keep up the great work. You and team are the asset. Records are always made to be broken. I strongly believe that you and your team will be able to recreate the magic again and again. All the best 🙂

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