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Mass Properties Engineers

Mass Properties Engineer

Mass Properties Engineering or Weight Engineering is not a commonly heard of the field within the Engineering disciplines and yet Weight Engineering traces its history to the times when water transportation was first developed. In the paper ‘Weight Engineering—An Ancient Art, A Modern Science’, authors Erwin K. Straubinger and Daniel Weiler (both respected Weight Engineers) trace ‘its beginnings as a subconscious consideration in early history through development of weight reporting as an engineering tool and ending as a relatively rigorous discipline involving the control of weight through the ability to make accurate and long range predictions of complex ships.’

Today, it transcends all industries in the forefront of technology – the flying car prototype, the International Space station, spacecrafts, launch vehicles, the Airbus 380 (the largest passenger aircraft in the world), new-age fighter jets for the US Airforce all rely on Mass Properties Engineers for their project success.


What is Mass Properties Engineering?

The Society of Allied Weight Engineers (SAWE) defines it as, ‘the technical discipline that balances the weight and moment of every component involved in the design of a product to ensure that it performs its function in a safe, efficient, and economical manner.’

Mass Properties / Weight Engineers can come from diverse academic backgrounds depending on the industry that they serve in – aerospace engineering, ocean engineering, automotive engineering, naval architecture, materials engineering, mechanical engineering, operational backgrounds especially in the military or even pure science disciplines like Math or Physics.


Indotronix and Mass Properties Engineers

As one can infer based on the description of Mass Properties Engineering in the previous paragraphs, given the advanced science credentials and extensive work experience required, there is a limited talent pool of Mass Properties Engineers. Despite these challenges, Indotronix – a Technology Services company, has developed an active pipeline of candidates so that they can be deployed at short notice at one of our clients.

As of today, some of Indotronix Mass Properties Engineers are already on various projects at client site  

Performing detailed Mass Properties calculations based on engineering drawings and vehicle level estimates based on initial Design data. These Engineers were expected to have extensive experience conducting bottom-up weight and balance analyses based on conceptual/preliminary design level structural and systems models and developing advanced Design Mass Properties Methodology.


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