Empowering Innovation: Tailoring Recruitment for a Global Life Sciences Leader

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The client is a global leader in scientific research and healthcare solutions, with a footprint in India that spans several strategic locations including state-of-the-art facilities in cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai. 
To power their diverse range of operations, this leading Life Sciences needed a broad spectrum of talented professionals. From skilled scientists and researchers to engineers, data analysts, and project managers, they urgently needed individuals who are passionate about driving innovation and making a significant impact in fields like life sciences, diagnostics, biotechnology, and more. 


The client’s specific needs made us to take a comprehensive look to our recruitment processes so we could tailor it to address the urgent requirements for both IT and non-IT talent, especially in scientific and clinical domains. These roles were not only vital to the business’s continuity but also played a pivotal role in advancing the organization’s strategic aspirations.

Services Provided

To address the client’s recruitment challenges, we adopted a multi-pronged strategy that was tailored to their specific requirements:
  • Proximity-Centric Recruiting: Dedicated recruiting teams were established in proximity to the client’s strategic locations. This approach facilitated streamlined communication, efficient coordination, and a deep understanding of the local talent pool dynamics.
  • Skill Mapping and Talent Hunt: An extensive talent and skill mapping exercise was conducted across additional cities. This proactive approach allowed us to identify potential candidates beyond the client’s primary operational zones, expanding our reach and diversifying the recruitment sources.
  • Relocation Assistance: To facilitate the seamless transition of talent, we offered comprehensive relocation packages to candidates who were keen on contributing to the client’s mission but required geographical mobility.



The hands on strategic approach to recruitment yielded impactful outcomes:
  • 200+ positions were successfully filled, encompassing a spectrum of roles including both IT and non-IT profiles. The recruitment drive not only addressed critical business needs but also enhanced the organization’s capacity for innovation and excellence.
  • Preferred Partner Status: Due to the successful collaboration and proven recruitment strategies, we were brought on as their preferred partner thereby giving entrusting us with the opportunity to help them with their strategic and mission-critical roles.



The client’s journey to augment its workforce showcases the significance of targeted recruitment strategies in achieving business goals. By establishing dedicated recruitment teams, conducting comprehensive talent mapping, and extending relocation support, we effectively filled critical roles and built a reputation as a strategic partner. This case study underscores tour ability to be agile and innovative in our approach to talent acquisition to meet the dynamic needs of the client in the non-IT realm.