Long-term and Large-Scale Staffing Assignment for a Global Financial Advisory Firm

Business & Professional

Bolstering the full and part-time roster of a risk-advisory firm with quality, international talent.

Hired 550+ staff members over 28 months across 3+ major metropolitan centers.

Talent Delivered

Indotronix Avani was tasked with sourcing candidates for full-time and part-time positions across all divisions of the company including HR, Legal, IT and Corporate Functions.

Though our client was originally based in NYC, they had recently branched into India, starting in Mumbai, and expanding into Hyderabad and Bengaluru, providing corporate advisory services across the subcontinent. This massive expansion necessitated a large-scale staffing assignment to fill the various new positions.

Industry Business & Professional
Services Staffing

Indotronix sourced 550+ candidates for a variety of job titles across a range of divisions for an International Client.


Our client is a global advisory firm based in NYC with offices around the world. They specialize in M&A, Risk Management, Corporate Governance and Government Regulatory Matters. They understand risk, especially attuned to the needs of their clients in an increasingly complicated and interconnected world. They leverage their unique insights, data, and technology to offer their impressive roster of clients the critical foresight that they will need to stay ahead of complex demands. Indotronix was shortlisted to assist on a massive staffing assignment coming soon after a steady wave of acquisitions and development followed by the recent expansion into the Indian market with the launch of a corporate advisory services division in Mumbai which later branched out to Hyderabad and Bengaluru.


  • The client’s expansion into India required a rapid and immediate response. The company’s stellar reputation hinged on a smooth and seamless transition into the new market.
  • The client required us to fill various empty part-time and full-time roles across multiple divisions of the company; IT, Legal, HR and Corporate to name a few.
  • The company’s new branches are in three major metropolitan areas. Therefore, the costs of onboarding new employees are relatively higher, and we understood that extra care and attention would be required to minimize expenses during the entire hiring process.

Services Provided

  • Indotronix assigned 12 senior recruiters and an experienced Account Manager to the client’s case. They approached the problem with enthusiasm, adopting a hands-on approach, checking in with the client at every step of the hiring campaign.
  • Over 28 months, our team understood every aspect of the client’s needs through constant and committed communication.


  • The Project was completed at record speeds whilst still maintaining a high degree of quality. The top candidates were hand-picked and screened by our recruiters who had kept themselves well informed about relevant market trends and the company’s needs.
  • Indotronix Avani was ranked a top performer.
  • We ended up saving our client over $0.5 million throughout the hiring process.

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