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Our marquee client is a prominent name in the engineering and technology solutions domain with a widespread network of operations, including key locations such as Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, and Hyderabad. As the company continues to expand its horizons, it seeks to bolster its engineering workforce by attracting skilled professionals who can contribute to cutting-edge projects and shape the future of technology.  

The client was on the lookout for a diverse range of engineering roles to power its innovative projects. From mechanical engineers skilled in areas like product design, simulation, and manufacturing process optimization to electrical engineers who are vital in designing and implementing electrical systems for a range of applications, from power distribution to automation and control systems and more 


  • Project critical niche and Engineering positions. 
  • Stringent timelines  

The urgency to identify specialized talent within limited windows posed a significant obstacle to the recruitment process

Services Provided

We undertook a proactive and multi-pronged strategic approach to address this challenge: 

  • We initiated an extensive talent and skill pool mapping exercise spanning across various cities. This meticulous process aimed to identify candidates with precise skills aligned to the client’s unique requirements.  
  • Furthermore, we assembled an experienced team with a proven track record in handling similar positions. This team possessed the insights and expertise necessary to effectively cater to the client’s specific demands. 



The committed efforts of Avani Tech Solutions yielded gratifying results. Over the course of just one year, the company successfully placed more than 125 candidates in diverse engineering roles. This achievement stands as a testament to Avani’s dedication to delivering results while maintaining high standards of quality and precision.  

Additionally, the successful placements and exceptional service demonstrated by Avani Tech Solutions led to an extraordinary outcome – the company was accorded the status of the preferred vendor across all skill categories. 



This case study underscores our ability to have a strategic and proactive approach to overcome complex recruitment challenges in the realm of niche engineering positions. Avani Tech Solutions’ adept utilization of talent mapping, coupled with their experienced team’s prowess, resulted in exceptional outcomes. It further showcases the importance of adaptability and resourcefulness in navigating intricate recruitment scenarios, ultimately driving success in meeting specialized talent requirements.