Overcoming Niche IT Recruitment Challenges for Multi-Location Teams

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Our client a global Fortune 100 professional services firm needed talent across a range of specialized IT roles to effectively execute strategic projects in various areas including digital transformation projects. These roles encompassed a broad spectrum of expertise, catering to the diverse needs of the projects. Some of the roles that needed to be urgently staffed included: 

  • Software Engineers and Developers 
  • Data Analysts  
  • Architects and Software Engineers  
  • AI and Machine Learning Engineers 
  • DevOps Engineers  
  • Enterprise Architects 
  • Business Analysts 
  • IT Project Managers 

These specialized IT roles collectively contribute to the clients endeavors to deliver innovative solutions, drive digital transformation, and make lasting impacts across various industries in India. 


When tasked with building teams across diverse locations, our client faced a daunting challenge – hiring candidates with niche IT skills. The unique requirements posed a significant hurdle in sourcing and onboarding the right talent where the talent pool was either limited or there was a reluctance to relocate. 

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To tackle this intricate challenge head-on, we devised a strategic solution: 

  • We assembled a team of experienced recruiters who possessed a proven track record in working with niche IT skills. This team’s expertise ensured a deep understanding of the requirements and a targeted approach to candidate sourcing.  
  • Additionally, we implemented a pipelining recruitment strategy by conducting both weekday and weekend drives. This approach aimed to attract and secure quality candidates with the desired skills across multiple locations, ensuring flexibility and accessibility for potential hires. 



Over the course of the initiative, we successfully filled more than 100 contract positions for the client. This accomplishment highlights our commitment to delivering results while maintaining the highest standards of quality and precision. 



This case study underlines the significance of tailored strategies and adept team alignment in overcoming complex recruitment challenges of sourcing niche IT skills and multi-location teams. By assembling a proficient team of recruiters and adopting a dynamic approach, we succeeded in filling crucial contract positions and contributing to the client’s success. This achievement showcases our ability to deliver targeted solutions that drive efficient talent acquisition and meet specialized business needs. 

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