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Position 1:


Job Role:                     SAP ABAP Consultant

Job Nature:                 Full time / Permanent

Experience:                 4-8 years

Budget:                          12-18 LPA

Notice Period:               30 days or less



Roles & Responsibilities:


An ABAP developer's responsibilities consist of creating various SAP modules with the help of the ABAP programming language and tweaking it as per the client's requirements. The various aspects of software development cycle such as planning, coding, implementation, testing and support have to be performed by them.

Responsibilities of an ABAP developer

  • Understanding the needs and requirements of the clients by coordinating with their representatives and seeking clarity on every minute detail in order to provide the best possible solution
  • Consulting with professionals from other departments and those working on specific SAP modules to ensure a consistent experience to the various users on the client's side
  • Writing the code using ABAP programming language on the basis of the blueprint provided by the clients and performing regular tests on the usability of the code
  • Ensuring that all programs are completed in schedule as per the client's guidelines and allocating appropriate resources to achieve this
  • Providing technical support to the end users in the form of troubleshooting guidelines and modifications to the system after it has been delivered
  • To stay updated with the latest technological advancement and changes in the world of SAP development and adapting to these changes by self-training and research work
  • Must have good analytical and problem solving skills in order to carry out daily functions effectively
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills as well as good interpersonal abilities
  • Must have the capability to work well in a team-based environment

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Job Code
JPC - 2033
Posted Date
2023-11-27 03:45:57
5-8 years
Primary Skills
SAP ABAP, oo abap