Strategic Augmented Reality (A/R) Consulting for Global Manufacturing Firm

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Total Consulting Solution for Adoption of A/R

Prepared and Presented Strategic Roadmap Document

Talent Delivered

Indotronix A/R technology experts provided a strategic roadmap, including:

  • Analysis of current A/R solution space
  • High-value, client-specific use cases
  • Detailed implementation plan
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Indotronix developed an Augmented Reality implementation strategy for a large global manufacturing client.


A large global manufacturing firm requested that Indotronix provide consulting expertise to articulate an A/R solution strategy within their firm.  This client recognized the potential value of an A/R solution for their field workforce, but needed a consulting partner to quickly evaluate the current hardware and software and combined solutions available in the marketplace, identify real-world use cases with the potential for immediate and long-term benefits to implementation, and to present a methodology for adopting the optimal solution.


The A/R marketplace may still be in the nascent stages but is changing rapidly.  Solutions that integrate hardware and software to address specific use cases are not widely available.  As a result, a customized approach is necessary to develop solutions that address specific opportunities or challenges, while remaining viable long enough to justify the required investment. This, in turn, requires a level of expertise that is not generally available within the companies that can best benefit from this technology.

The client had a basic understanding of A/R solutions but needed help to develop a strategic plan for implementation for specific use cases.  Indotronix had the expertise to provide the consulting services and documentation required to support high-level decision making by the client’s senior management as well as an implementation strategy detailed enough to satisfy the responsible front-line managers.


Deliver actionable data and recommendations for implementing an A/R strategy across the client’s field workforce.

Services Provided

Indotronix’s team of SMEs provided the required consulting expertise.  This team delivered the following services: 

  • Provided up-to-date information on the current state of the A/R market
  • Evaluated the various products available including hardware, software, and niche integrated solutions
  • Researched and recommended potential use cases for enhancing productivity among the client’s large global team of field technicians
  • Evaluated future trends and capabilities to ensure that recommendations for current A/R investments would be sufficiently viable to deliver the return on investment necessary to justify implementation
  • Articulated the benefits of early adoption of A/R solutions to ensure the client remains competitive in their marketplace 


The client used the recommendations and materials provided by Indotronix to obtain acceptance from their senior management to go forward with adoption of A/R solutions to enhance the skills of their field technicians.