Skilled Technical Resources to Supplement Your Staff

Consulting and Staffing

Indotronix has included IT Consulting as a core solution for most of our 20+ year operating history. The company has a long track record of providing technical resources that satisfy the requirements of our Fortune 500 customers in terms of technical capability, soft skills, and domain knowledge. In order to meet customer staffing requirements quickly and effectively, Indotronix has established a robust global resourcing engine that consists of a dedicated team of experienced technical recruiters implementing established and effective processes supported by robust technical and operational infrastructure. Indotronix is committed to providing our customers with highly skilled technical resources that have been prepared to deliver productivity immediately upon deployment in order to ensure complete customer satisfaction with our services.

Within the scope of IT Consulting, Indotronix provides a wide range of options to our customers, including:

  • Range of engagement models: single resource to focused teams to full project staffing.
  • Multiple delivery modes: onsite, offsite, hybrid.
  • Range of engagement durations: short-term to multi-year.

Although Indotronix is capable of meeting a wide range of customer requirements for IT resources (including hard-to-find skills), the company has extensive experience and a proven track record of providing IT Consulting services to specific industries and providing technical resources with specific technology skills, including:


Systems Integrators, Telecommunications & Aerospace/Defense

Systems Integrators Since our founding in 1986, Indotronix has provided IT solutions to our systems integrator customers as business partners; development partners; and core IT Consulting suppliers, in many cases as a prime or preferred vendor. Indotronix provides a full range of IT solutions to our system integrator customers, including staffing, custom development, IT infrastructure services, and BPO/call center services. Indotronix delivers services across a broad spectrum of technologies and with maximum flexibility in terms of service levels and engagement details (schedules, billing models, etc.). Indotronix’s services are provided by a dedicated team of technical resources, supplemented as necessary from the skills pipeline maintained by our recruitment team, that spans the breadth of technical roles from systems architects to testers with experience levels commensurate with customer requirements. Over the last decade, Indotronix has been a direct prime vendor to most of the top five global systems integrators.

Telecommunications Indotronix has more than 14 years experience delivering effective solutions to our customers in the telecommunications industry. Indotronix’s telecommunications domain team includes more than 300 IT professionals with telecommunications, data communications, and system software expertise across a wide range of proprietary, real-time, and networking platforms. Our specialists provide software design, development, and implementation services for wireline, wireless, optical, data, voice switching, and mobile networks. Indotronix counts most major telecommunications providers among our base of satisfied customers.

Aerospace/Defense Over the last 20 years, Indotronix has established a successful track record delivering specialized IT Consulting solutions to our customers in the aerospace/defense industry. Indotronix provides our aerospace/defense customers with highly skilled and experienced specialists to fulfill mission-critical project roles in a wide range of IT and engineering disciplines, from aerospace engineering to satellite mission planning, space vehicle operations, orbital analysis, mechanical and electrical engineering, and defect management. Indotronix has experience staffing diverse roles, including senior systems architects, senior developers, database architects, developers, project managers, test and integration specialists, systems administrators, satellite designers, and physicists.


Microsoft, Open Source & ERP

Microsoft Indotronix has invested significant effort in developing corporate competencies in Microsoft solutions. Indotronix has been a member of the Microsoft Developers Network for over 15 years and has been a Microsoft Gold Certified partner since 2006. As part of our Gold Certified partnership, Indotronix has declared competencies in Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Business Solutions, and Microsoft Infrastructure Solutions. These competencies recognize Indotronix’s demonstrated expertise and proven ability to deliver solutions to our customers based on specific Microsoft technologies while providing direct access to training and support from Microsoft. This partnership also enables Indotronix to offer lower software licensing costs to our customers. In conjunction with our competencies, Indotronix has demonstrated expertise in the following Microsoft technologies

Open Source Over the last ten years, Indotronix has built significant domain expertise in Open Source technologies. Indotronix has developed this expertise to leverage the benefits of Open Source technologies to deliver solutions that are reliable, secure, flexible, and high performance. Indotronix’s commitment to Open Source extends to the deployment of Open Source solutions to address the company’s internal IT requirements. Indotronix’s Open Source solutions are easy to develop, use, maintain, and extend. Indotronix’s Open Source domain expertise includes the following technologies

ERP Indotronix has a long history of providing ERP-based solutions to our customers. Indotronix has established a deep pool of technical resources specializing in all of the major ERP platforms. As part of our commitment to delivering excellence in ERP solutions, Indotronix has been named a member of the Oracle Partner program. Indotronix’s expertise extends to technologies throughout the ERP space

Organizational Capacity

Uniting Separate Applications to Deliver Improved Performance

Indotronix’s organizational capacity to deliver effective IT Consulting services derives from our commitment to implementing industry best practices, as refined through experience and continual process improvement initiatives, our commitment to quality, and our investment in our global resourcing infrastructure. Specifically, Indotronix's organizational capacity includes our:

  • Delivery Methodology
  • Recruitment Team/Infrastructure
  • Consultant Warranty
  • Partner/Subtier Program