Delivering $7M of Talent to a Fortune 500 Medical Device Firm

Life Sciences

$7+Million Delivered

12 Month Contract

Talent Delivered

  • Developed candidate screening processes
  • Delivered a variety of life science candidates
  • Secured highly educated resources
Industry Life Sciences
Services Staffing

A Fortune 500 Medical Device firm reached out to Indotronix to secure highly educated candidates for a development project taking place over the course of a year.


This company came to Indotronix to get a simple interface to manage data without the help of their IT department. They tasked Indotronix with finding qualified candidates who could architect, design, and deliver a dashboard tool that enabled business users to create and maintain their own data and generate reports at their convenience.


Finding qualified candidates for this job proved to be no easy task. The client was located in a relatively small town and remote work was not an option. Additionally, all candidates had to have higher education, with a minimum of a Masters degree.

Services Provided

In order to fulfill the contract, we worked closely with client stakeholders to develop a questionnaire to pre-screen candidates. We invested in training eight select recruiters to personally address each of the required positions. At the end of our 12-month contract, we delivered over $7M worth of talent in qualified candidates in the following industries:

  • IT
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Quality
  • Clinical