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Aerospace & Defense

Top 5 IT & Engineering Supplier

US Tier 1 Staffing Supplier

Talent Delivered

In 2022 provided ~95 resources across staffing categories including:

  • Information Technology
  • Engineering
  • Business / Professional
  • Manufacturing
Industry Aerospace & Defense
Services Staffing

How Indotronix Achieved Top-Performing Staffing Supplier Status in Just Over a Year


A Fortune 100 Global Aerospace and Defense company brought Indotronix on board in 2021 as a staffing supplier on their MSP program for IT, Engineering, Business & Manufacturing roles across all their locations in the United States.


  • The supplier pool was extremely competitive and included very large established incumbents with triple digit headcounts.
  • Recruiters needed to have a high level of understanding of the aerospace & defense industry as well as the technology sector to source and screen candidates effectively. The dynamic staffing environment also demanded highly experienced recruiters to ensure a smooth candidate engagement process.
  • 2021-22 was marked by a global talent shortage across skill categories, including high-end IT and other technology skills. This went hand-in-hand with candidates having multiple job offers – making the recruiter’s job that much more challenging to ensure that placements closed successfully.
  • The talent shortage also posed a challenge in assembling the right sized recruiting team for the client.

Services Provided

  • Contingent staffing service provided for the following categories across the United States:
    • Information Technology
    • Engineering
    • Business / Professional
    • Manufacturing

How did we do it?

  • Program participation: Since Indotronix was new to the program it was important to quickly understand what type of candidates would be successful at the client. Ensuring that we were submitting a higher number of qualified resumes quickly was the first step towards succeeding on the program:
    • Very High Coverage: Responded to > 90% of requirements
    • High Average Number of Submittals: ~3 times more than the average supplier
  • Timeliness: The time to present our first candidate was much lower than other suppliers, ensuring that hiring managers’ first look was at resumes submitted by Indotronix.
  • Flexible Rates and Markup – Our competitive cost structure ensured that candidate and client objectives were achieved.
  • The dedicated Account manager has an academic background in Aerospace Engineering and extensive experience staffing for Aerospace & Defense clients. This enabled him to train his recruiting team to source quickly and effectively.


  • Significantly increased revenue and headcount from 2021 to 2022
  • The end of year 2022 scorecard ranked Indotronix in the top 5 of IT & Engineering suppliers for the US geography. The MSP program also acknowledged our superior performance in the Business and Manufacturing categories.
  • Furthermore, since we were able to come up to speed so rapidly in IT & Engineering Staffing, the client has now added us to multiple programs across 2 additional continents.