High Volume Staffing – Delivering Customer Service Reps for State Government Pandemic Support

Systems Integrators

1000+Resources Deployed

18 Month Project

Talent Delivered

  • Customer Services Reps (CSRs)
  • All remote positions
  • High volume
  • Very short hiring timeframe
Industry Systems Integrators
Services Staffing

Indotronix adapts internal processes to support high volume/high speed project staffing requirements


In April 2020, our client won a large contract to help their end client respond to the COVID19 pandemic. They needed Indotronix’s assistance to very quickly staff up customer service representatives to work remotely to support their state government end client’s constituent needs during the crisis.


  • Speed and volume: The project required high volume staffing and rapid deployment
  • Remote recruitment and onboarding: The project began during the early stages of the pandemic, just as companies were grappling with the challenge of 100% of the workforce working from home
  • Need to adapt internal processes: The project required Indotronix to adapt our onboarding process to assure the client that candidates would meet the end customer’s requirements without delaying deployment due to verification processes


How Indotronix Met the Challenges

  • We implemented new policies, procedures, and documentation to address the specific needs of this project
  • We redeployed internal resources to rapidly identify, onboard, train, and deploy the required resources
  • We ensured the Account Management team was available 24×7 to ensure that candidates remained engaged and productive and that their day to day concerns were addressed quickly to ensure uninterrupted service

Services Provided

Indotronix was successful in enabling our client to keep the project staffed up to required levels for the 18 month long contract. Indotronix deployed over 1000 resources, with the first set of 200 resources deployed in less than 2 weeks of the start of the project.



  • Despite the pandemic, this project helped Indotronix’s revenues grow by over 10%
  • When our client trimmed the vendor list to the three top performers during the project, Indotronix made the cut
  • Indotronix was able to provide a diverse slate of candidates for the project which propelled diversity in the client’s contingent workforce. This helped Indotronix make a significant economic and social impact in an otherwise turbulent year.
  • Our success on this assignment enabled Indotronix to win similar projects with other clients, creating a new line of service and propelling additional financial growth.
  • Indotronix’s partnership with our client was recognized with USPAACC’s Synergy Award which recognizes partnerships between corporate entities and diverse-owned businesses that strengthen existing relationships to reach greater heights and move forward together into a brand new era. Read the award announcement here or watch the video below: