How Did Indotronix Deploy 110+ Assemblers Across Diverse Industries in 2023?


110+Assemblers deployed

Providing reliable and quality staffing to industry clients needing assemblers at all levels

Talent Delivered

  • Assembly technicians
  • Assembly mechanics
  • Light Industrial Assemblers
  • Medical Device Assemblers
  • Various Other in-Demand Assemblers
Industry Manufacturing
Services Staffing

In 2023 Indotronix deployed 110+ Assemblers to address the manufacturing needs of a diverse set of clients across 10 US states.


Over the course of 2023, Indotronix sourced and deployed quality talent for 110+ assembly related positions at all levels (Assemblers, Assembly Technicians & Mechanics etc.) servicing over half a dozen major clients across various industries. Our clients include the largest defense contractor in the world, companies at the cutting edge of medical sciences including cytotherapy and the manufacturing of insulin devices, amongst various other notable accomplishments. Assemblers are a critical part of the manufacturing process whose key responsibilities involve interpreting technical documents like blueprints and diagrams, using a range of tools to assemble, test and calibrate components to meet strict quality standards and uphold industry compliance.


  • For roles that are critical to the manufacturing process, it is crucial that the on-boarding process be quick and seamless. Every candidate must be informed about the nature of their duties so that they may “hit the ground running”. This involves a great deal of preparation and insight on the part of the Account Management team.
  • Sourcing quality candidates across different states and various markets posed a unique challenge to develop location specific staffing solutions rather than going for a “one size fits all” approach.
  • Some of our clients would require that their assemblers have security clearance.
  • Indotronix history lies in being a successful IT and Engineering staffing provider. Over the past 5+ years we have had to make a dedicated and concerted effort, unlearning and relearning to understand the skill sets required for assemblers and thereby address the manufacturing staffing needs of our clients to their satisfaction.


  • Adapted internal processes: When we saw that our clients had an urgent need for assemblers, we had to adapt our sourcing and onboarding approach to find the necessary talent. Over the past 5+ years with ongoing training from our Learning & Development division, Indotronix has built up a team made up of informed account managers, armed with up-to-date industry insights to hire for this in-demand role. Our ability to step up to the needs of our clients has enabled our relationship with them to evolve into a true partnership instead of simply being a staffing supplier.
  • In some remote places where access to local talent pool was limited, we augmented traditional recruiting methods by using techniques like asking for references from existing contractors and employees, hiring account managers with prior experience in the area, encouraging account managers to make more frequent in person visits, leveraging social media platforms like Instagram to access latent talent.


  • In 2023 alone we hired and deployed 110+ assemblers across Kansas, Florida, New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, California, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania. Each of these states had vastly differing compliance needs and available talent pool
  • Our ability to successfully place a large number of assemblers helped us achieve Top Performing vendor status at 2 of our Aerospace & Defense clients and at a Medical Device client