Soaring to New Heights: 530% Growth in 5 Years

Aerospace & Defense

Delivering reliable and high-quality volume staffing services.

Successfully deployed ~150 specialized resources to support one of the largest Tier 1 aerostructure manufacturing companies in the world.

Talent Delivered

Indotronix met the critical hiring needs of the aerospace industry, supplying essential roles like:

  • Assembly Mechanics and Technicians
  • Inspectors
  • Painters
  • Composite Technicians
Industry Aerospace & Defense
Services Staffing

In just five years, Indotronix has deployed over 150 resources, marking a remarkable 530% growth.


In 2023, Indotronix placed ~150 assembly mechanics / technicians and other roles to support the main manufacturing unit of a major aerostructure manufacturer company that supports the broader aerospace and defense industry.

Aerostructure manufacturing involves the design, production, and assembly of critical components that make up the framework of aircraft. This sector is crucial for both commercial and military aviation as it ensures the structural integrity and aerodynamic performance of aircraft.

These placements highlight the diversity of positions and the concentration of key manufacturing roles needed by our clients. Indotronix’s industry-specific staffing solutions have been pivotal in supporting the manufacturing and maintenance of aerospace components, ensuring high safety and quality standards. This diversity of positions filled underscores Indotronix’s capability to meet the specialized needs of aerostructure manufacturing, from manufacturing and engineering to business support roles.

The largest number of placements supported the Manufacturing / Light Industrial needs of the client specifically Assembly Mechanics, Assembly Technicians and Inspectors. These roles are pivotal in the manufacturing and maintenance of aerospace components, ensuring products meet high safety and quality standards.

Other roles supported included Aircraft Painters. This role is a specialized subset of painters and provide critical finishing touches that not only have to enhance aesthetics and protect surfaces from environmental wear and tear but also have to abide by stringent industry standards.


  • Volume Staffing: Client needed large numbers of Assembly Mechanics to be rapidly deployed to support their urgent manufacturing needs at their main manufacturing plant in Kansas. Thus, the talent pool was limited to a 30 mile radius of the location.
  • Specific skills required: Most of the resources also needed to have demonstrable technical certifications and qualifications.
  • Regulatory and Compliance requirements: The Aerospace and Defense sector is highly regulated, and suppliers need to have a thorough understanding and keep up to date with the changing business environment to ensure compliance. This also included providing FAA Program Compliant Resources.
  • Candidate screening: Since the A&D sector is extremely regulated, the client required stringent candidate screening, so recruiters needed industry specific specialized training to ensure candidates were screened preemptively to avoid expensive background check failures.


  • Understanding the client environment: This was a new client and a new industry within the larger Aerospace & Defense sector for Indotronix so the Account Manager and Delivery Manager worked tirelessly to get a thorough understanding of the industry, the location (a small remote location in Kansas) and the specific client requirements and environment. They also learned from observing what made some suppliers more effective. Armed with this market intelligence the team put together a team that the training and skills to address the requirements of the client.
  • Pipelining: Based on proactive communications with the client and requisitions received, the delivery manager started building a pipeline of candidates for oft-repeated roles like Assembly Mechanics. The recruiters were trained to keep the potential pipeline candidates warm so they could be rapidly onboarded at client site.  
  • Specialized Recruitment Teams: Our hiring model was bolstered by our use of specialized teams to source candidates from specific categories and for particular roles that had regulatory and compliance requirements, including those with specific skill sets to cater to IT & Engineering, Manufacturing and Business categories. 


  • In 2023, Indotronix placed over a 150 consultants. This reflected 530% growth over a 5 year period.  
  • As a result, Indotronix has become a Direct Vendor on the client’s MSP Program across all manufacturing categories and IT & Engineering, and Business roles. 

By providing skilled professionals across various functions, Indotronix supports the aerospace and defense industry in maintaining high standards of quality, efficiency, and innovation. Our contributions ensure the sector meets stringent requirements and continues to drive technological advancements.