Staffing Cybersecurity / Information Security Professionals

Aerospace & Defense

Delivering Cybersecurity Talent

Mission-Critical Resource

Talent Delivered


  • Cybersecurity / Information Security Expert
  • Systems Security Engineer Role
  • AWS Azure Automation Cybersecurity Certification
  • Agile Methodology Experience
Industry Aerospace & Defense
Services Staffing

Indotronix successfully sourced and deployed a highly experienced resource with one of the most in-demand skill sets in today’s very tight labor market.


Our client, a top 5 Aerospace & Defense company, needed to hire an experienced, credentialed cybersecurity specialist for a mission critical role. Since experienced cybersecurity resources are extremely difficult to find due to high demand and low availability, they turned to Indotronix, as a trusted vendor, to source candidates for this position.


  • The available supply of Cybersecurity/Information Security professionals is not nearly large enough to satisfy the demand for these resources
  • The pool of such resources with the desired AWS Azure Automation Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification is even smaller


How Indotronix Met the Challenges:

  • Effective Recruiting Team: Our team of highly trained technical recruiters have engineering / science backgrounds, subject matter knowledge, and experience recruiting for high demand IT positions, enabling them to vet candidates effectively
  • Focus on Candidate Experience: Our team works hard to provide a positive candidate experience that differentiates Indotronix from our competitors in the current world of tight labor markets and virtual communication. We achieve this through:
    • Candidate Engagement – Our recruiters maintain an ongoing dialogue with candidates through the onboarding process. Our account managers and customer care executives take over once the candidate starts the project. This ensures that candidate concerns are addressed proactively.
    • Candidate Feedback – We survey our consultants to find out what we are doing well and what we can do to improve their experience with our company.
    • Use of Technology – We apply current technology to streamline the candidate experience throughout the employment lifecycle.


  • Address the urgent need of the client in a timely manner
  • Meet our internal goals for sourcing diverse candidates (including veterans/disabled veterans)

Services Provided

Indotronix was able to deliver to our client a cybersecurity expert with experience in Agile project management tools (JIRA) as well as experience leading projects involving:

  • Security requirements analysis and assessments
  • Threat intelligence modelling
  • Tailoring standardized engineering life-cycle processes to meet project goals

This project is ongoing.



  • Successfully met or exceeded all client mandated qualifications
  • Achieved an internal diversity goal by hiring a disabled veteran
  • Continued to support this client for their IT, engineering, business, and light industrial staffing needs ($50+ million in services delivered in the last 5 years)