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Indotronix sourced senior, highly technical candidates for niche roles critical to the commercial operations of a Major Biotechnology company.


Our client, a multinational Fortune 500 biotechnology firm is currently occupied with cutting-edge research in the field of oncology, amongst other ventures. This assignment involved their commercial departments. Whilst the company’s research and medical departments are responsible for furthering cancer research and discovering new and ingenious treatments, the commercial department is responsible for disseminating that research to the world. Our client needed to rapidly fill niche roles that were crucial to the smooth operation of their commercial departments. These roles were unique and challenging to fill as they required candidates that had strong technical experience and familiarity with the biotechnology industry whilst also being excellent communicators. The ideal candidates would have to ensure that data such as patient needs, customer experience, market research and project roadmaps were effectively communicated to team members and stakeholders. The company turned to Indotronix who was able to deploy a team to locate and source unique and elusive talent using a refreshingly hands-on approach. We understood that this was more than just a simple staffing assignment as our role in this project would contribute to the progress of a company on the front lines of healthcare that would undoubtedly go on to have a significant impact on the world.


  • All the positions were very senior roles, requiring years of specialised experience at the level of a director or higher.
  • Our client is conducting invaluable research on Cancer and relevant treatments, and thus required that all potential candidates have experience in the field of oncological research.
  • All roles required applicants to be in the Bay Area.
  • All the roles required candidates to possess a variety of soft skills alongside technical qualifications. They had to be excellent communicators and also possess a wealth of experience in the industry that would be able to inform their decisions and recommendations should their assigned projects encounter any roadblocks.

This combination of requirements narrowed the applicant pool, and it was rapidly evident that our team would have to go beyond active applications and search for the ideal candidates using a more in-depth approach to access passive candidates.


  • Our account manager brought 10+ years of experience with pharma companies and thus was intimately familiar with the jargon and language particular to the industry. She was able to translate our client’s needs to her team effectively and thus left them better equipped to find the perfect candidate. Her years of experience were further bolstered by many hours of dedicated research where she read up on our client’s activities, familiarizing herself with their research and business ecosystem and thus knew exactly how important this role was to our client and what specific skills were crucial to consider. She supplied all this information to her team in the form of keywords and detailed notes, briefing them on what they should look out for in all potential applicants.
  • She went the extra mile by getting on calls with the relevant heads of the client hiring teams such as the head of the forecasting department, head of ecosystem and so on. She used all these points of contact to draft a detailed profile of what the client considered the ideal candidate.
  • As these were specialised, senior roles, our team understood that simply going to job portals and waiting for applicants would be inadequate and a more incisive approach would be necessary. They accessed passive talent pools using a multi-pronged approach – for e.g., our recruiters went through LinkedIn and reached out to passive applicants, seeking them out with personalized messages to assess if they would be interested in the advertised positions. They also found ways of connecting to candidates who had experience client’s competitors to look for people with similar skillsets and messaged them as well.


Our campaign was a resounding success. We received multiple appreciation e-mails and testimonials for the candidates we scouted. They came with high-quality resumes and a substantial pool of experience that made them perfect for their roles.

The client, extremely satisfied with the quality of our deliverables and quick turnaround, as a SOW vendor, expanded our role to make us an IT & non-IT staffing vendor for their MSP program.