Diversity Alliance For Science

Since 2017, Indotronix has been a member of the Diversity Alliance For Science (DA4S) and a sponsor of their annual conference. The DA4S is a partnership of companies who come together to expand and strengthen supplier diversity within the life sciences industries. It’s a hub of diverse suppliers offering quality products, services, and innovation to clients in healthcare, biotech, and more. 

The conference was started as a “protest” against typical conferences, where often what you were wearing or who you were with was more important than what your company believed in. The DA4S Conference is none of those things, instead offering a venue where diverse life sciences vendors can meet with big pharma’s stakeholders. There are always relevant learning opportunities to grow business, the opportunity to rally with supplier diversity reps, and, of course, time to attend workshops and hear guest speakers covering topics dedicated to life sciences. 

The East Coast Conference was held June 4-6 this year at the Newark Liberty Airport Marriott Hotel. Workshops featured topics like branding & social media, effective networking, spend management & reporting, and many more. 

“The diversity of all the organizations present is why we continue to support the Diversity Alliance,” said CEO Sameer Penakalapati. “We were so appreciative of the conversations and connections we make, they truly help us expand our understanding of the role we play in this industry”.