Increasing Veteran Talent in the Workforce

Indotronix presented a veteran focused virtual fireside chat as part of the series on November 30th, 2022. This episode was in honor of National Veterans and Military Families Month which is celebrated in November. The episode explored the various aspects of “Increasing Veteran Talent in the Workforce”. 

Key Takeaways:

The top 5 learnings from the discussion included:

  • How can companies engage with veteran programs at educational institutions like Rutgers, the state school of NJ?
  • Factors to consider when building a robust and sustainable veteran hiring environment
  • How can staffing companies help corporations by making contract jobs attractive to veterans?
  • What are some unconscious biases / stereotypes that employers have about veterans?
  • How can staffing companies increase veteran talent in their workforce (contingent and full-time positions)?

Who found the chat useful?

Veterans, Corporations (Heads of Military & Veteran Affairs, Procurement and DE&I practitioners), Staffing Suppliers, MSP professionals, Universities

About our Fireside Chat Guest:

Evelyn Chen

Margaret O’Donnell
Manager – Military & Veteran Engagement Programs
Rutgers Business School

Margaret O’Donnell is the Manager of Military and Veteran Engagement Programs at Rutgers Business School since 2017. Prior to that she has worked in various capacities at Rutgers University (the State School of New Jersey) where she has also graduated from. As a military spouse the conversation around veteran talent is something she understands first hand.  

About :

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