Indotronix Avani UK at DSEI 2023

Recently the Indotronix Avani UK team had the privilege of attending DSEI 2023 – the one place where the international defence community converges. DSEI connects governments, national armed forces, industry and the global defence & security supply chain. Indotronix Avani has been serving the talent needs of the Defence sector for over 2 decades and we currently work with 7 of the top 10 defence companies in the world. So, DSEI 2023 was a must attend event and we were represented by Indotronix Avani UK’s COO Michael Allen and Lead Defence Consultant Raymond Webb.
DSEI 2023 embraced the theme of ‘Achieving an Integrated Force’, by highlighting the importance of integration across the six operational domains of Air, Cyber, electromagnetic activities (CEMA), Land, Sea and Space. DSEI places defence and security product manufacturers directly in front of military and specialist procurement teams from across the globe. As a company that has been addressing the talent needs of the Defence sector we found the experience to be invaluable.
DESI 2023 also served to reaffirm our commitment to the support of service personnel across the country. Serving Personnel, both Regular and Reservists, Veterans and military families have dedicated their lives so we may live our own lives in safety and security. We are deeply committed to their wellbeing. We look beyond the uniform and recognise an individual who has made a great sacrifice to serve their nation and we recognise our duty to honor and support their dedication.
Our veteran initiatives are led by our very own Raymond Webb who brings 10+ years of experience in the military and recruitment fields alongside a fierce passion for the environment. As a veteran himself, he understands what it means to serve. He sees his work as intrinsically collaborative and works closely with clients. From frigates to fighter jets, anti-air defence systems to landing crafts and security solutions, Webb takes it upon himself to identify exactly what the client needs and provide them with the most suitable candidates.