NMSDC Annual Conference, 2023

Reflecting on a memorable experience, our participation at the NMSDC Conference, held from October 22nd to October 25th in Baltimore, remains a cherished chapter in Indotronix’s journey. For over 15 years, we have stood in solidarity with the National Minority Supplier Development Council’s (NMSDC) mission, a lofty institution advocating for minority business enterprises (MBEs) across the United States. Celebrating more than five decades of NMSDC’s transformative initiatives, we were honored to contribute as an exhibitor, marking our continuous commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion.

As a certified MBE and a distinguished Corporate Plus member, our anticipation for the conference was matched by the enthusiasm of the dedicated Indotronix team who represented our values and mission. The Indotronix team was represented by of our CEO, Sameer Penakalapati, Venkat Mantha (President), Andy Khoi and Ilan Mikhalitsyn (Business Development) and Scot Goldfarb (Avani Healthcare Staffing). They engaged with attendees, shared insights, and explored collaborative opportunities.

Our booth, #1460-LC, became a hub of connection and discussion, where we delved into the potential of building a diverse contingent workforce with interested parties. The conversations we had were enriching, offering us an opportunity to discuss strategies, success stories, and the undeniable benefits of embracing diversity within organizations.

As we navigated through the days of the conference, our commitment to ‘Closing the Equity Gap’ was echoed in every interaction, aligning with NMSDC’s longstanding mission. The experience was not just about networking; it was a reaffirmation of our dedication to making a difference, to contributing towards a more inclusive future for all.

We left the conference inspired, carrying with us the collective ambition and shared knowledge of how to further integrate diversity and inclusion into the fabric of our operations. As we look back, we are filled with gratitude for the opportunity to have been part of such an impactful event and are excited to share updates and insights gained from our time in Baltimore.

To those we met and to those who share our vision, we extend our heartfelt thanks for your time and attention.