Database Architect Specialist

Level Description

10 or more years of experience, relies on experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals, independently performs a variety of complicated tasks, a wide degree of creativity and latitude is expected.

Job Description

The Specialist position is rarely selected and should only be considered after all other levels have been exhausted. The Specialist position is considered an expert position that has a comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of or unique skillset in a particular area. The Database Architect designs and builds relational databases. Develops strategies for data acquisitions, archive recovery, and implementation of a database. Cleans and maintains the database by removing and deleting old data. Must be able to design, develop and manipulate database management systems, data warehouses and multidimensional databases. Requires a depth and breadth of database knowledge that shall help with formal design of relational databases and provides insight into strategic data manipulation. Responsible for making sure an organization's strategic goals are optimized through the use of enterprise data standards. This frequently involves creating and maintaining a centralized registry of metadata. Has working knowledge of EIR Accessibility standards and assistive technologies. Ensures that all user interfaces for database administration and inputting, viewing, outputting data(via reports) are compliant with accessibility standards

Additional job details and special considerations

Assessment, analysis, planning, remediation, and fraud analytics road mapping services. Inventory and evaluation of systems, data, processes, and solutions.


10           Required               Big Data, AI/ML, Data Science workflows and automation


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Job Code
JPC - 175843
Posted Date
2024-06-27 09:43:01
10-12 years
Primary Skills
Big Data, Database Architect

Hear from our employees:

Hear from our employees: