Indotronix Avani UK at London Climate Technology Show

Everything we do at Indotronix Avani UK is governed by our responsibility to our environment. We see the growing urgency to adopt sustainable methods and practices across the communities we work with. We believe that collaboration is fundamental to the success of any venture in the clean technology (CleanTech) sector. We thus found our visit to the London Climate Technology Show particularly invaluable as we were able to connect with a variety of like-minded companies and organisations.
Our UK team was represented at the show by our head of CleanTech & Sustainability, Joseph Burgess and Sr. Technical Recruiter Marco Aicolino. They were inspired by the presence of a variety of companies, all focused and extremely passionate about driving the transition for a Net-Zero Future. It is important to note that such a change will include every element in the supply chain- ethical sourcing, fair trade, locally sourced, use of recyclable material, energy efficient cars amongst countless others.
The fundamental way that Indotronix has chosen to tackle this complex issue is by enabling ClenTech clients by finding and hiring the right talent with the passion to drive innovation in technology and its commercialization.
And we are also continuously trying to make the entire recruitment process sustainable in a variety of way like: paperless operation, virtual collaboration, green IT practices and close environmental monitoring. Events such as the London Climate Technology Show encourage collaboration on green projects and inspire advocacy and thought leadership in a variety of fields. It is our firm belief, here at Indotronix, that through concerted, collaborative effort we can amplify our impact and create a collective force for positive environmental transformation by enabling the CleanTech industry