Diversity Assessment

Indotronix Diversity Report

This report showcases how Indotronix has used Ceipal’s Diversity Measurement Tool to assess the workforce diversity in the talent we have sourced for our clients from January – September 2023, including:

  • Gender 
  • Race / Ethnicity 
  • Female Workforce Ethnicity 
  • Male Workforce Ethnicity

 The report also included results of the following metrics that we track internally based on self-reported data:

  • Veteran  
  • Disability

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How is Indotronix Helping Clients Increase Their Workforce Diversity?

A widely known business adage states: “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” At Indotronix, we understand that measurement of candidate diversity at every stage of the sourcing process is the key to delivering on DE&I objectives and helping our clients increase diversity in their own workforce because:

Today’s contingent worker is not only taking on increasingly strategic roles across organizations, but they could also become a client’s full-time employee in the future. 

Diversity Measurement Tool

The first step toward a successful diverse sourcing strategy is to build a diverse talent container — a database of qualified, diverse candidates that are curated from external and internal candidate sources to help clients meet their talent, diversity, and business objectives. We measure diversity in our talent container using the industry’s only AI Powered Diversity Measurement Tool. Developed by Ceipal, this tool utilizes sociolinguistics to assess workforce gender and ethnic diversity.


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